Pizza and Pixels, My Two Muses

The Perfect LAN Party

Family playing video games

In high-school, I remember very distinctly the rush I got in my last class on a Friday afternoon, anticipating the LAN party my buds and I had planned. Back then, our computers were barely adequate for gaming. We had to squeeze into the tiny little corner in Mike's basement that actually had power outlets. Now I'm a little older with a little more income at my disposal, and I have planned my perfect LAN party. Try it out, you might find it to be perfect for you, too.

Best Foods For Gaming

Two guys playing video games.

I can't really speak too much for console gamers since I don't really play them often, but I've set up some very unfortunate constructions for the sole purpose of giving myself the ability to game and eat. However, through my time, I've learned there are good foods for gaming and also bad foods for gaming. If you don't want to end up with greasy keys or joysticks but still want to enjoy a bite to eat during loading screens, try these suggestions out.

My Favorite Types of Pizza

Large delicious pizza.

Sometimes a cheap, greasy local chain store pepperoni pizza hits the spot, but other times I'm looking to avoid heartburn, and more importantly, taste something really unique and delicious. I've tried barbecue sauce on pizza, replacing tomato sauce, grilled pizza and other adventurous, unusual types of pizza in search of new flavor and experiences. Luckily Claire is a little adventurous, too, and one of our weekly hobbies is trying all types of pizzas. We've found some to be not for us and pizzas that are delicious and healthy!

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